“I could never be where I am today without the brilliant wisdom of Dennis’ coaching. It always allows me to come back to my center, my true self, my true seeing of the situation. It beckons me to come from a higher point of view that always brings me into a deeper heart space with which to get my results. What would I have done without it?!”
—  Julie Michaels, Master Results Coach & Author, Los Angeles, CA

“In listening to the audio you provided at the end of our workshop, I am amazed at what incredible opening up, spilling, healing we did! We got to the core of it. I am so grateful. We are blessed. Thank you, -all of you in the workshop, -for holding me, -caring, loving. Denny, thank you for exposing your heart to me. Thank you for your courageous and loving perspective.”
—  Tim Bugh, Business Development  Consultant, www.timbugh.com, Oakland, CA

“What a gift taking the Inner Child workshop was for me. The experience left me open hearted and feeling genuinely loved and cared for by a whole family of people I’d never met. I owe that to the skill and openheartedness of Denny. His magical humor cuts to the core of me and gave me the spaciousness and support to grow.”
—  Kat Steele, Berkeley, CA