Why should I get Coaching?

Individual and Couples coaching propels you forward faster than anything else after the workshops. Clients who utilize private work become more successful by expanding their already powerful learning and healing. It has been proven that clients who use personal coaching get the most results.

Coaching is the perfect tool to use as you move forward in learning how to bridge the gap between you and the younger parts of yourself – aspects of self that can come up when you least expect it.

It is particularly useful during times of being thrown back into your past by your current circumstances. Whether you have participated in the workshops or not, Private Coaching Sessions are invaluable for your personal development.

What You Address:

  • Relationship Issues (whether you are in one or looking for one)
  • Releasing Negative Patterns
  • Removing Blocks to Your Goals
  • Addressing Money Issues
  • Addressing Health Issues at Their Source
  • Completion of Past Relationships
  • Forgiveness Issues
Single Session: $85 per hour
Package Rate:
(Discount for 3 or more sessions)
$75 per hour
1 or 2 Day Personal Intensive: $750 per day


“I could never be where I am today without the brilliant wisdom of Dennis’ coaching. It always allows me to come back to my center, my true self, my true seeing of the situation. It beckons me to come from a higher point of view that always brings me into a deeper heart space with which to get my results. What would I have done without it?!”
—  Julie Michaels, Master Results Coach & Author, Los Angeles, CA