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Inner World Seminars is dedicated to the expansion, development and realization of human potential through workshops and seminars that are designed to release individuals from the patterns of the past that no longer serve them, and creating an opening for them to move boldly forward into the fulfillment of their future.

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We assist people in healing the heart wounds of their past and freeing their spirit to find it’s true expression of Self. We also provide coaching to assist individuals and couples in finding happiness in the fulfillment of their hearts desire.

Our workshops and seminars assist people to:

  • Release habitual behaviors associated with their past that block their natural expression
  • Individuate from their family of origin
  • Become consciously authentic
  • Recognize their true Self and creative potential
  • Balance their masculine and feminine natures
  • Reconnect with their spiritual Self
  • Experience expansion in their lives on every level.

Inner World Seminars programs include:

The Inner Child Workshop – Healing The Child Within
Weekend Training

The Relationship Workshop
Weekend Training

The Intimacy Workshop
One Day Training

Honoring the Perfection of Your Divine Design
One Day Training

Reclaiming your Dream of Love
One Day Training

Private Coaching and support for individuals and couples

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Upcoming Workshops!